Logistics is a rapidly expanding field that experienced growth even in the height of the recession so graduates can find a job in big corporations, small business, no-profit organizations or for local or federal government entities and many others. Graduates of the Master’s studies in LOGISTICS at the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw are employees of qualified logistics centers and transportation companies, highly acclaimed by professionals.


Specialization: Industrial Systems Engineering

industrial system


Graduates of master studies are prepared to work for:

  • international and domestic enterprises involved in organizing selected industrial systems,
  • international and domestic enterprises in the field of production, innovative projects, systems of exploitation of machinery and equipment management,
  • international and domestic enterprises involved in modernization of existing industrial and manufacturing systems,
  • international and national companies involved in modernization of industrial systems,
  • companies searching for innovative solutions in production processes,
  • research institutions that prepare the implementation of innovative processes and products.


Graduates receive two diplomas – the Polish diploma of the IULT in Wroclaw and the French one of the Université de Lorraine.

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